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CAGES: A Way to Interrogate History

Please support my new recording project CAGES: A Way to Interrogate History.

The recording of this new work features a collaboration with spoken word artist Paul Flores and my ensemble, the Jon Jangtet. This recording project is a continuation of our practice to tell and share our stories and histories through collaboration connecting music with spoken word.

What’s significant about collaborating with Paul Flores is that we developed a new and different kind of collaboration in spoken word and music.  In this new work called CAGES, Paul Flores, who grew up in Chula Vista 3 miles away from the Border, not only shares stories about incarceration of Latinos in this country but also stories about my grandfather’ history as a paper son, an undocumented Chinese immigrant, and my wife’s Japanese American family history of being incarcerated in concentration camps during World War II.

My vision of making art is to advance an American in transformation. Please support this vision and recording by making a donation to Asian Improv aRts.

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